Kidspoint Registration

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With the next rotation of KidsPoint starting soon, here is the schedule for the next several Sundays of what to expect and what’s available for you to prepare for your round of service!

Oct. 9th – Livescan Fingerprinting and Interviews available at Church (click Signup Genius link below to schedule)
Oct. 16th – Interviews available at Church with staff
Oct. 23rd – LAST DAY to complete and submit Livescan Fingerprinting, Interview and Mandatory Reporter Training Course Results.
Nov. 6th – 1st Sunday of Service for New Kidspoint Rotation – Arrival at 10AM at ADAT

The Steps for Turning Point KidsPoint screening process are as follows (all links are below):

  • Fill out the Full Youth Ministry Application and answer interview questions in person every five years. The interviews will primarily be facilitated by Turning Point staff. However, as needed, the Turning Point Elder couples will also assist.
  • Complete and pass a background check with Protect My Ministry (PMM) every five years. Note: once the full Youth Ministry Application form has been submitted, you’ll receive an email from Azin Jarrett (our Turning Point Children’s Ministry Coordinator) with a link to complete the form. Please complete the form ASAP. You’ll receive an email confirmation once the background check has been completed.
  • Complete the Youth Ministry Update form annually.
  • Complete a LiveScan background check. This is a one time digital fingerprinting process. The $40-$50 cost will be reimbursed by Turning Point.
  • Complete the Mandatory Reporting Training (MRT) online course. It is approximately 2 hours. This is also a one time process.
We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His Power, and the wonders He has done.
Psalm 78:4

Mandatory Reporting Training (MRT) LINK

Please click on Volunteer Training link (2 Hours)

When completed, email Completion Certificate to Sara Castrellon at and also to

Youth Ministry Application Form

Please print and fill out this document completely. Bring it with you on Sunday 9th or 16th.

If you don't have access to a printer, we will have printouts available in person on these days. Please see Azin, Trae or Cece for these printouts.


Our screening process has additional elements due to a new California LA the applies to all volunteers who work with children.

We will have Livescan representatives at ADAT on October 9th from 10AM - 1:00PM. To sign up for a time slot for this, please click the link below to the signup genius page.

However if you aren't able to sign up for one of the time slots on Sunday there are plenty of available locations in our area. Make sure to click the button to download the form BEFORE your appointment. This form has all the needed information prefilled for your LiveScan. Also, click the button below to find a location and make your appointment to get LiveScanned by October 23rd.

If you need to go on a time outside of our sign-up slots for the 9th, you will be reimbursed for the charge, simply email with the receipt and she'll take care of it.

The deadline to get everything in is OCTOBER 23rd, so make plans accordingly!